Porirua Chiropractor

Looking for chiropractic care in the Wellington region? There are a couple of practices in the area which have been providing chiropractic care to loacls for many years. Is there room for another chirpractor to enter the market? All indications point to yes. Many peope are getting online and searching for say, chiropractor porirua, and now they find a new entrant to the chiropractic world. That is www.smallbonechiro.co.nz

Smallbone Chiropractic is a relatively new practice in the Wellington region, but it’s owner and practitioner Dr Brendan Smallbone is a well respected and experienced chirpractor. After a long stint overseas providing chiropractic care for professional sports teams Dr Smallbone has come back to his roots here in New Zealand.

Why would someone want to change their chiropractic care provider you might ask? Well a lot of peope are still having ongoing back and neuromuscular problems even after multiple or regular chiropractic adjustments.

Dr Smallbone offers a fresh and updated approach to chiropractic care. Being involved in the international chirpractic community means he is at the forefront of industry standards and is familiar with breakthrough modern techniques. This means he has proven and trusted techniqiues to alleviate even the most stubborn musculoskeleatal conditions.

So where to from here for Smallbone Chiropractic? As this new business rises throug hthe ranks we expect to see his service exapnding into the wider Wellington region before too long. With competitive rates and concession cards available we imagine more and more people will be moving over to Smallbone Chiropractic. His recent success is testiment to the quality of service his practice provides. We will be keeping a close eye on this business in 2016 as it moves through the ranks.

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